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Rosebud is a Tv series that follows the captivating story of  Rose, a woman on a journey to find her father and ultimately herself. It Follows Rose as she embarks on a mission of self-discovery and healing in the vibrant city of New Orleans.  As she moves to search for him, Rose finds more than she expected-- Moments of surprise, joy, and ultimately, self-acceptance.  Along the way, she will meet a variety of people who will help her to explore the meaning of love and family. With an engaging storyline and incredible cast, Rosebud is sure to captivate viewers.

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We are thrilled to announce that the pilot episode of Rosebud has been successfully filmed. It was a fun and exciting experience that brought our team together. We are looking forward to sharing our story with the world and getting the support we need to continue creating more episodes.

Rosebud trailer
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