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Lakesha Glover



LaKesha previously lived in Los Angeles for eleven years and moved there with the intent to pursue a career in film. However, she ended up serving in Education with the Watts Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club, located in the Los Angeles metro area. Family and friends reassured her that education was her calling, yet deep down LaKesha knew she was meant to perform, and after years of encouraging her kids to always follow their dreams, she knew the best way to teach them was to show them by example, so she followed hers.  With that, In 2015 LaKesha left the comfort of her job in sunny California, packed her bags, and made roots in The Crescent City, known as New Orleans ( Hollywood of the South) -to pursue acting full-time in a smaller demographic. 


Seven years later,  Lakesha Glover the Founder and Executive Producer of Tootsie Productions, is currently in pre-production for a  series called Rosebud.  LaKesha now performs as a stage, film, and television actor.   Her most recent works include Killing It with Peacock, The Secrets of Sulphur Springs with Disney, and the Action film The Channel set to be released May 1, 2023. 






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