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Lakesha Glover is a theatre-trained actor who has been performing professionally  for 7 years.  A Graduate of Dillard University with a BA in Speech Communication and Theater Arts with a Master's in Business administration focused on Marketing. Her additional training outside of school has been “The Method Technique” from Susan Grace Cohen at  Susan Grace Cohen Studio in NYC, Some time studying Improvisation at Second City in Chicago, and received classical training from New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane in New Orleans, LA. Since getting back into acting in 2015, Lakesha has performed in over 14 Theatrical productions. Some of her favorite stage cr edits include “ Ruby” in Seven Guitars at The St. Louis Black Repertory Theater;  "Mom in Dontrell Who Kissed The Sea at the Nebraska Repertory Theater, and "Leona" In Small Craft Warnings with the Tennessee Williams Theater Company, where she is also a board member. 

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